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Once you see the film At the Fork, we hope you'll be inspired to make a change in your daily eating habits to improve the lives of farm animals and your health!

Less than 5% of farm animals are raised in systems that are certified higher-welfare and worldwide meat consumption is on the rise. If we want these numbers to change, we have to change the choices we make.

The At the Fork Challenge is a national campaign that offers participants a step-by-step plan to improve the lives of farm animals while expanding an ethical eating lifestyle. This is a program that empowers and inspires each of us to recognize that our decisions matter.

We're asking individuals, kids, schools, families and communities to join us in taking the At the Fork Challenge for 21 days. At the end of the 21 days, our hope is that these changes will become permanent habits and help form a lifelong commitment to the animals and your health.

At the Fork Challenge 


Step 1: Days 1-7
REFUSE to buy animal products unless they are certified higher-welfare

The first step is to “refuse,” where you promise to purchase only animal products that are certified as higher-welfare. This step allows you to “vote with your dollar.”We’ll help you identify which certification labels to look for, and make your choices with an educated mindset. The labeling systems we support in the film are the 5-Step GAP (Global Animal Partnership) program, Animal Welfare Approved (AWA) and the Certified Humane program. When you commit to this step your impact on current farming practices will have a pronounced effect. By continuing to purchasing ONLY higher-welfare food products, you deepen your commitment to improving animal welfare.

Step 2: Days 8-14
REDUCE your animal product consumption

The second step is to simply “reduce” your own personal animal product consumption. You’ll learn about ideas like “Meatless Mondays,” “Tofu Tuesdays” and swapping “Beans for Beef.” You’ll be empowered to do even more to “reduce” your consumption, through programs like Mark Bittman’s “VB6: Vegan Before Six,” by avoiding all animal food products prior to 6pm each day, then allowing yourself to eat anything you want for dinner. 

Step 3: Days 15-21
REPLACE animal products with plant-based products

The final step has the most significant impact for farm animals. Replacing animal products in your diet with plant-based food has been proven to positively affect your health and even prevent disease. The At the Fork Challenge will provide participants of this step with resources, recipes and guidance to achieve an animal-product-free lifestyle.

REQUEST that your local grocery store stock certified higher-welfare and plant-based products

If you are unable to find higher-welfare animal products at your local grocery store, farmers market or restaurants, we encourage you to download this REQUEST form to ask that that your local providers stock certified higher-welfare and plant-based products!